Know How

Since August, 2001, MR Productions is a retailer of Meccano spare parts and compatible. Since August, 2002, we are a sole agent for France of Meccano spare parts. Which challenge and which fascinating adventure who allowed us to be next to people of any horizon.

At the request of customers, we transform parts: folding - insertion of hub or big hub - cut of rod with deliberate dimension - realization of model on base of sketch or plan …

On inquiry, we also look for parts not being a part of our stock.

We grant a discount of 10 % for the members of club Meccano as well as for the schools, the high schools, the middle schools, the universities for any project with educational character. For any important project, we can supply you an estimate in the request.

We are for your listening, any remark and / or suggestion is the timely.